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We provide a wide variety of advertising and marketing related functions for our clients. For some clients we just print or provide their promotional items. For others, we act as their outsourced marketing department handling all their marketing needs.

Printing Services

Promotional Products

Website Design & Marketing

Additional Services



Branded Apparel - Embroidery

Creative Design

Movie Theater Ads

Signage & Banners

Social Media

T-Shirt Screen Printing

Lendan Communications Services
Marketing Consulting
Strategic Partner
Marketing Resources
Planning & Consulting


Our background in franchising, consulting, marketing and printing provide us with a unique history and experiences. We would love to share our knowledge and talents with you to map out a road to your success.



We would love to partner with you and your organization as the more we understand your needs and goals, the more we can bring to the table in terms of efficiency, speed, quality and potential cost savings.

Team Building


Over the last 10+ years, we've assembled an incredibly diverse and talented group of people and companies that may be able to help you. This allows us to offer a wide variety of skills to match any budget and timeline.

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