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Pay Per Lead

Customized Mobile Advertising Application

Introducing our new Pay Per Lead Program!

A mobile search based advertising platform for businesses that receive calls for real or perceived “Emergency” situations. Mobile search is the fastest growing segment of search and tends to bring a younger and more affluent audience. The program will bring you phone calls/leads that tend to be more service oriented and less price sensitive.


A custom designed ad campaign is created for your services and within your service area that drives phone leads directly to you. Based on your market and your territory, we can predict just how many leads we can drive to you on a monthly basis. Pay for Leads instead of clicks or other marketing avenues.

Lead Tracking

Does this Ad Program

Fit Your Business?

This advertising application was developed around "emergency" services where a prospect has or feels that they have an urgent need for certain services.  Core markets include home services such as HVAC, Roofing, Plumbing, Foundation, Electrical, Handyman, Garage Door, Tree Services/Landscaping, etc.

We've also had success in medical related fields such as medical equipment and supplies, and are testing in markets such as Chiropractor, Dental, Urgent Care and Emergency Room.

How much is a new client worth to you?

  • We create the mobile ads based on your industry and service territory.

  • The ads generate phone calls to a phone number that we’ve set up. That number can go to your call center or to our call center who will gather information and route.

  • All calls are recorded so that we can verify that it’s an actual lead. Repeat calls, telemarketers and other calls are not considered leads and are not billed.

  • You are provided access to our online reporting and tracking system that is updated weekly.

  • You pay a deposit at the beginning of each month for anticipated leads.

  • If you don't received the number of predicted leads, you have a credit moving forward. If you receive more leads than your deposit, you are billed the overage.

  • Exclusivity of leads – the calls only come to you.

How Does It Work?

What Does It Cost?

Each campaign is custom designed based on your industry, search terms and service territory. We'd love the opportunity to create a customized proposal for you - just complete the contact form on this page.

Set Up Fee - There is a one time set up fee that typically ranges between $1,250 and $2,500 in order to set up the advertisement, campaign platform and reporting site.

Monthly Deposit Based on Predicted Lead Volume - We have the ability to accurately forecast a minimum amount of leads that we will be able to generate per month. That volume averages between 15 - 30 leads with a fee of $90 to $125 per lead. Approx. $1,500 - $4,500 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we don't get the predicted number of leads?

  • Your remaining deposit will carry over as a credit to the following month.


What happens if we go over the predicted number of leads?

  • You will be invoiced for all leads above your deposit?

Is a long term contract required?

  • No, the service is provided on a monthly basis. We do recommend a three month initial campaign in order to evaluate the entire sales cycle and campaign results, but the program can be terminated for any reason with 30 days notice.


How long does it take to set the program up?

  • Typical set up is between one and two weeks. We will typically start your campaign the first of the following month.


What if I’m getting calls that aren’t leads?

  • The calls are recorded so we’ll be able to quickly determine if it’s a verified lead or not, and you won’t be charged for calls that are not leads. Not all leads will fit your business or turn into sales during the same month and some not at all. We will work with you to verify a solid rate or return on your investment and tweak the program to meet your needs.

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