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Direct Mail

Direct Mail is alive and well, and we’ve put together special packages to help you reach your best prospects. We can help you reach your ideal target by searching and sorting prospects by:

  • Geography

  • Income

  • Age

  • Home Ownership

  • Age of Home

  • Residences with Children

  • And More!

Sample Pricing:

Here are some basic prices on our most common postcard sizes to help you find the right solution for your company. These prices include full color printing on thick gloss cover with UV coating on the front. Estimated prices below includes ALL costs with the exception of any design requirements or purchased list.

4 x 6 Postcard

1,000 =   $548

2,500 =   $984

5,000 =   $1721

10,000 = $3210

6 x 9 Postcard

1,000 =   $681

2,500 =   $1204

5,000 =   $2120

10,000 = $3972

6 x 11 Postcard

1,000 =   $717

2,500 =   $1252

5,000 =   $2195

10,000 = $4147

Direct Mail may be down, but it’s far from OUT!  Total direct mail has declined in volume over the past 10 years, but more marketers are adding mail to their array of integrated marketing tactics because the engagement is growing as the clutter declines. Personalization and relevance is key. Costs can be higher than other media, but scale and ROI remain strong when direct mail is delivered to a well targeted audience. Source Data & Marketing Association:


  • 100.7 Million US adults made catalog purchases in 2016

  • Volume of direct mail and total mail is down which increases visibility

  • Response rates are increasing

  • People read postcards in greater numbers with a 3.9% year-over-year increase (USPS Household Diary Study.)

  • According to the research, all age groups are interested in receiving and responding to mail. 

  • For ages 18-21, response rates doubled in 2016! (USPS Household Diary Study)


The numbers are in, and the message is clear: Direct Mail is impactful, interesting and POWERFUL.

Customer response rates increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%, but prospect response rates more than doubled – reporting an astounding 190% increase! So, it’s no wonder that for brands that have never mailed before are finding it a viable medium for both their retention and acquisition efforts.

In a digitally-dominated world, how could this happen?  The big change is an increase in mailings paired with digital intelligence – browsing behavior and sophisticated modeling based on preferences make mailings extra timely and relevant.

Be effective with your Direct Mail marketing…
It is higher cost, so you must find ways to create higher impact. Testing neuro-marketing research in direct mail we’ve found that three things ring true:

  • Be bold. Humans have an attention span of 8 seconds. Marketing that cuts through the clutter with attention-getting graphics and copy are paramount to success.

  • Visuals rule. In fact, the brain processes visuals 60,0000 times faster than the time it takes the brain to decode text. Selling your story with pictures and graphics is a must.

  • Keep it simple. Due to cognitive fluency, the brain craves ease and order. Direct mail that creates a simple decision path with limited copy and explanation always tests better.


Neuro-marketing and haptic research…

  • The power of direct mail as a physical and tangible medium

  • Having touch as part of the marketing experience helps shift the brain into a deeper level of engagement while building knowledge, SAPPI

  • Consumers understand and remember what they read on paper better than what they read on a screen (Proust and the Squid, Maryanne Wolf)


Why? Three reasons:

  1. Content is more intuitively navigable

  2. It facilitates better mental “mapping” of information

  3. Reading on paper drains fewer of our cognitive resources, making retention easier


What does this tell us?

  • Powerful creative amped up and laser focused with data is the sweet spot.

  • Data insights combined with the physicality of print: a match made in heaven.

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