2019 Haltom High School
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Haltom Quarterback Club
Haltom High Football Booster Club

“Coming off two consecutive playoff appearances, the 2018 3-6A District Title, and the farthest run in Haltom History to the 2018 State Quarterfinals, the Haltom Buffalo Football program is looking for continued success in 2019 with Lendan Communications as a key contributor and partner in the upcoming Spring and Fall."

Jason Tucker

Haltom Football Head Coach

Support the Haltom Football Program by Advertising in the 2019 Media Guide.

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Back Cover     .     .     .     .     .    .      SOLD
Inside Back Cover     .     .     .    .       SOLD
Inside Front Cover    .     .     .     .   
Full Page opposite schedule     .    
Quarter Page below team photo        SOLD 

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Specialty Items

Field Banners (8x4)     .     .     $500
Field Banners (4x4)     .     .     $300

Rally Towels - SOLD

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